The company AKIN POLIP was founded by the family  ALİ AKIN. The family leaders got their first experiences for business in 2012. During this time the family decides to estabilish the company AKIN POLIP Textile Industry And Commerce LTD. Co.

With a very open vision and intensive researches we updated our knownledge and followed up the european technologies. Our aim was and is to be one of the leader in the textile sectore by importing and exporting jute yarns and by producing different kinds of yarns.

Since the establishment, AKIN POLIP is a well-known company because of his highqualitalively products, very clean facility, cusotmer friendly employers. The company is growing from year to year and we are very proud about our product range.

Our main clientele are the carpet producers from everywhere. All of our customers are getting their qulitatively yarns in time. We are every time open to do developements with our customers in shortest time. Our customers are enjoying our support for their elite and special fairs worldwide.

The first aim of AKIN POLIP is to get the maximum satisfaction of our customers. During the business we are fixed by being transparent, punctual, qulitatively, reachable 7 days-24 hours. The doors of our factory is every time open for visits and we are also ready to visit our customers every time.

Secondly we are wishing to increase the count of our worldwide customers. Our customer base consits of companies from the export market.