What is Jute?

Jut Family: Tiliaceae

A fiber plant,growing in tropics,2-4 m tall annually. Its habitat is East India.It is grown to obtain the fiber called “jute”.Jute,used in commerce,is obtained from two types of plants: One of them is Corchorus capsularis and the other is Corchorus olitorius. These plants’ tailles reach to 2-4 meters in a year.

It is naturally grown in Bangladesh. Colitorius type has become known in Mediterranean region and is started to be grown there.Its arrival to America concide with 1870s.It is grown in Texas and South Carolina in America.

Almost all of the world’s jute production belongs to India and Bangladesh.One of the reasons of this situation is labour’s being too cheap here.It is very hard to collect jute.The plant becomes mature in 5 months. When it blooms , İt should be collected.The product that concides to seed period becomes heavy but the fibers becomes harsh and thick. The collected jute plants are baled and thrown to the pools. They are made stay here by covering pool with lowbrows and weights. In flowing water or clean water pools,the shells of the plant become open by rotting.The shells are dried by taking out the fibers inside them.The following operations are made by the machines in factories.Like it is in the production of cotton string,it is cleaned by hackling,is completely pulled to its fibers and ,as a string, is wrapped to rollers.Thickness of the strings differs according to intendments.