The company AKIN POLIP was founded by the family  ALİ AKIN. The family leaders got their first experiences for business in 2012. During this time the family decides to estabilish the company AKIN POLIP Textile Industry And Commerce LTD. Co. Read more

Ar-Ge Studies

Akın Polip Ar-Ge activities are in the process of developing products in yarns and watching new developments in the sector in order to develop new products. With more than 27 years of experience (since its establishment in 1990) and experienced Read more


AKIN POLIP is founded by ALİ AKIN,one of the directors of our textile company ,in Gaziantep. AKIN has started to perform his commercial activities since the years of 1985.But the commercial developments over the world in 1990-1995 has had great Read more


Turkish carpet sector, which is one of the largest companies that provide industry jütsa jüte Textile yarn, as well as Turkey has become a well-know companies in other countries. The jobs, the company today has a very good name and Read more

WHAT IS THE Polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including packaging and labeling, textiles (e.g., ropes, thermal underwear and carpets), stationery, plastic parts and reusable containers of various types, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers, Read more