How can Jute be obtained?

Due to the low cost of labor, especially in tropical regions, it is naturally grown mainly in India and Pakistan, and recently it has been grown in china and malezyada, and also in the states of Texas and South Carolina in the USA. The real name “jute” in Turkic is generally known as turtle in Turkey.

Necessary to obtain gypsum 2 Plant name: Corchorus capsularis, Corchorus olitorius
These plants grow up to 2 to 4 meters tall in a year.

It is not as easy to cultivate the Jute Plant as it is when planting the flowers. Otherwise, when the jute plant, which is the seed time, is collected, the fabric will not have much liking and will have a very hard fabric.
After the jute plant is collected, it is put into bales and thrown into the water pools and it is sprinkled with fertilizer and various forest plants for decay and the jute fibers are separated from the shells. In order to dry the fibers separated from their shells, they are left to dry in areas with sunspots on large grounds.
Dried jute fibers are now ready to enter the factory.
The fibers coming into the plant are first cleaned and thinned by passing through the combs, the finishing operations are carried out step by step and finally wrapped in ropes in various thicknesses.

With the bobbin ropes, firstly jute fabric is sewn with jacquard fabric with other name, then ropes are manufactured in various thicknesses according to the condition of the rope and the jute bags, which are frequently used, are stitched together with the other name.

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